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13 April 2011

Christian Acronyms and Acrostics

This list will be updated as more acronyms and acrostics are discovered.

AAA - Approved. Anointed. Appointed.
ABC - Accept. Believe. Confess.
ACE - Active Christian Evangelism
ACTS - Adoration. Contrition. Thanksgiving. Supplication.
AGLOW - Announce God's Love Our Witness
ALIENS - A Light In Every Neighbourhood and School/Adolescents Living to Impact Everyone with News of Salvation
AMEN - All Mighty Eternal Name
APE - Always Pray Everyday
ARCH - Always Represent Christ's Haven
ARMOUR - Amazing Redemption Makes Our Understanding Realized
ASAP - Always Say A Prayer
ASK - Ask. Seek. Knock.
BABE - Born Again Believer Eternally
BAC - Born Again Christian
BAD - Blessed And Delievered
BASIC - Become A Soldier In Christ/Brothers And Sisters In Christ
BEAUTY - Be Ever And Utterly Trusting Yahweh
BEG - Believe Everything Greater
BELIEVE - Blessed Everywhere Living In Eternal Victory Everlasting
BENEFITS - Bread for the soul. Enjoyment. Nearness of God. Encouragement. Foundation. Inspiration. Truth. Security.
BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
BIG - Believe In God/Bold In God
BIG FISH - Believers in God, Faithful In Serving Him
BIGOTRY - Bring In God's Own, Through Religious Youth
BIRD FLU - Believe In Redeemer Deeply, Fear Leaves Us
BLIND - Bible Lovers Involving Neophyte Discussion
BLOOD - Bought Life Out Of Death
BMW - Bestow Me Wisdom
BOUNCE - Being Obedient Unto New Covenant Eternally
BREAD - Bible Reveals Every Answer Daily
BREATHE - Believe Righteousness Eventually Arrives To Handle Everything
BUG - Bestowed Under God
BUSY - Being Under Satan's Yoke
BYE - Bless You Eternally
CANCER - Confidence in God. Amazing grace. Never forsaken, never alone. Christ, the Solid Rock. Eternity with God, my Father. Rejoicing in Hope, my Savior.
CARE - Christ Always Remembers Everyone/Christ's Arms Reach Everyone/Come And Rest Everyday
CASH - Christians Always Say Hallelujah
CAT - Creator And Teacher
CEO - Christians Encouraging Others
CHAOS - Christ's Help Amidst Our Suffering
CHARITY - Carefully Helping According to Rigteous Insights of Testimony and Yeshua
CHICK - Choose Happiness in Christ's Kingdom
CHRIST - Certainly His Resurrection Is Supreme Truth
CHRISTIAN - Compassionate. Helpful. Righteous. Inspirational. Servant. Testamony. Intercessor. Ambassador. Nurturing.
CHRISTMAS - Christ My Annointed Saviour/Christ child. Heavenly hosts. Redeemer. Israel. Star. The wisemen. Manger. Angels. Shepherds.
CHUMP - Come Help Us Make Progress
CIA - Christ Is Alive/Christian In Action
CK - Christ the King
COG - Children Of God
COLD - Call Our Lord Directly
COOL - Christ Our Only Lord/Christ Over Our Lives
COPS - Christian Operated Prayer Support/Christians Obediently Preaching Salvation
CORE - Christians On Road to Excellence
CRASH - Come Rejoice And Sing Hallelujah
CREW - Christ Reaching Everyone Worldwide/Christ Redeemed Everyone Willingly/Christ Rewards Everyone’s Work
CROSS - Christ Relieves Our Shameful Sins/Christ Rescues Our Sacred Souls/Compassion Reaching Out Saving Sinners
CSI - Constant Scripture Investigation
DIVAS - Divine Inspired Victory Against Satan
DJWW (WWJD Backwards) - Devil Just Won't Win
DOG - Depend On God
DORK - Daughters Of The Risen King
DUH - Don't Underestimate Him
DUMMY - Doctrine Unites More and More Youths
EAGLE - Embrace Abba God's Love Everyday
EASTER - Ever Alive Savior's Testament of Eternal Redemption
EGO - Edging God Out
EGR - Extra Grace Required
ERIC - Eternally Righteous In Christ
FAITH - Faith Achieves Impossible Things Humbly/Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him/Fearlessly Advancing In Triumph Hope/Finding Amens In Today's Harshness/Firm Acclaimation Involving The Holy Spirit/Flaming Arrows In The Hand/For(saking) All I Trust Him/Full Assurance In The Heart
FEAR - Failure Expected And Received/False Expectations Appearing Real
FIRE - Focus Intently Reaching Everyone
FISH - Faith In Stormy Hours/Faith Is Super Human/First I Seek Him/Forever I Serve Him
FOCUS - Fixed On Christ Each Day
FOG - Full Of God
FORGIVE - Forgive Others Readily and Graciously Inviting Victory Eternal
FREE - Forgiveness. Release. Expect. Equip.
FRETS - Focus Returned Exclusively To Satan
FRIEND - Fully Reliable In Each New Difficulty
FROG - Fully Rely On God
FROGLA - Fresh Revelation Of God's Love and Acceptance
FROGS - Forgive. Respect. Obey. Give Thanks. Serve./Friends Relying On God's Strength
FRUIT - Friends Revealing Understandings In Truth
GAP - Give And Pray/God Answers Prayers/Gossiping About People
GIFT - God Incarnate For Thee
GIMP - God Is My Provider
GIRAFFE - God Inspires Reverence Affection Forgiveness For Ever
GLORY - Grow. Love. Offer. Reach. Yearn.
GLUE - God Loves Us Eternally
GOD - God Our Defender/Great. Omnipotent. Deity.
GOGGLE - God Of Glory Gives Life Eternal
GOLF - God Offers Love and Forgiveness
GORF (FROG Backwards) - God Our Righteous Friend
GOSPEL - Glad tidings. Offer pardon. Salvation. Peace. Eternal life. Lasting joy./Go Over Seas Preaching Everlasting Life/God Offers Sinful People Eternal Life/God's Only Son Provide Everlasting Life
GPS - Getting People Saved/Getting People to Salvation/Getting Prayers Said/God's Plan of Salvation/God's Priority System/Gospel Preaching Soldiers
GRACE - God Really Covers Everything/God's Redemption At Calvary Expressed/God's Riches At Christ's Expense
GREAT HATS - God Reaches Everyone And Through Him Are They Saved
GST - Get Saved Today
GUM - God Use Me
GUST - Give Up Sins & Temptations
HAPPY - His Awesome Presence Perfecting You
HEAL - He Encourages And Lifts
HEALED - Healed. Encouraged. Accepted. Loved. Empowered. Delivered./Heavens Eternity And Love Endowed Directly
HEART -  Humility. Enthusiasm. Attitude. Relationship. Trust.
HEAVEN - Having Eventually A Victorious Eternal Name
HEDGE - Help with Evil Devil Garbage Eradication
HELP - His Ever Loving Presence
HEROES - He Ever Reigns Our Everlasting Savior.
HIGH - Healed In God's Hands
HIGH FEVER - Healed In God's Hands, Faith Empowers, Vitalises, Edifies & Restores
HIS - Hallelujah, I'm Saved/Happiness Is Salvation/Humbly I Serve
HOPE - Having Only Positive Expectations/He Offers Peace Everyday/His Organised Plan Excells/Holding On, Pray Expectantly/Home Of Personal Encouragements
HSUP (PUSH Backwards) - Holy Spirit Unites People
HUG - Happy Under God/His Unlimited Grace
IBIG - I Believe In God
IHL - In His Love
IROCC - I Rely On Christ Completely
JAGUAR - Jesus Always Guides Us And Redeems
JANICE - Justified And New Inspiring Creature Empowered
JAPAN - Joy And Peace Are Needed
JCLU - Jesus Christ Loves You
JESUS - Jehova Eternally Saves Us Sinners/Jehovah's Everlasting Supernatural Unlimited Strength/Joy Everlasting Sealed with Unquenchable Spirit/Justifiably Every Sinner's Ultimate Sacrifice
JILL - Jesus Is Loving Lord
JIM - Jesus In Me!
JOY - Jesus Overshadows You/Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last.
JUICE - Justified by God. Under the blood. In Christ forever. Changed by the Holy Spirit. Empowered by His love.
JUMP - Jesus Understands My Problems
JUST - Jesus Understands Satan's Temptation
JUSTIFIED - Just As If I'd (never sinned)
KFC - Keep Following Christ/Kids For Christ
KISS - Keep It Simple, Spiritually
LEOPARD - Love Everyone Offer Prays And Repent Daily
LET GO - Leave Everything To God, Okay?
LICE - Life In Christ Eternal
LIFE - Living In Faith Everyday/Love Is For Ever
LIFT - Living In Faith Together
LIGHT - Living In God's Historical Truths
LION - the Lord Is Our Navigator
LOGIC - Love Of God In Christ
LORD - Leader Of Real Believers
LOUD - Life. Obedience. Undignified. Delight.
LOVE - Letting Others View Emmanuel/Live Out Victory Everyday/Living On Vital Energy/Listen. Overlook. Value. Encourage./Love Others Very Eagerly
LUCK - Living Under Christ's Kingdom/the Lord's Unchanging Care and Kindness
M&M - Memorizing & Meditating
MAD - Make A Difference
MAGNET - Mercy And Grace Never Ever Tarnishes
MERCY - Mankind Exempted and Released from Condemning Yoke/May Everyone Receive Christ and Yahweh/Messiah Erases all Reasons Condemning You
MIGHTY - My Incredibly Great Holy Trustworthy Yahweh
NBA - Never Be Alone
NOW - No Opportunity Wasted
NUTS - Never Underestimate The Spirit
OOPS - Only One Personal Savior
OSAS - Once Saved Always Saved
OWL - One With the Lord
PAW - Pray And Watch
PEACE - Perfect. Easy. Amazing. Comfort. Eternal./Pray Expectantly, Adore Christ Everyday/Pursuing Excellence After Christ's Example
PEPPER - Praise Everyone Praying Peacefully Everywhere Rightnow
PHD - Practicing Healing & Deliverance
POLICE - Preach to Other the Love In Christ Everyday
POTTER - Prayer Opens The Trail To Righteousness
POWER - Power Released At Your Earnest Request/Pray. Obey. Witness. Encourage. Remain faithful.
PRAISE - Pray continually. Read the Word every day. Acknowledge Jesus as Lord. Invest yourself in mentoring. Serve and share your faith. Encourage one another daily.
PRAY - Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield
PRAYER - Positive Reassuring Action Yielding Eternal Results
PUSH - Pray Until Something Happen
RABBIT - Read A Bible Because It’s True
REAL - Realizing Emmanuel's Almighty Love
RELEASE - Renounce Enemies' Lies. Enter Almighty's Salvation Eternal.
REPENT - Renounce Evil Practices, Experience No Torment
REST - Rooted Everyday, Simply Trust
REVELATIONS - Regarding Eventual Victory, Expect Lucifer's Aides To Intervene Over Nations
RICH - Rejoice In Christ, Hallelujah
ROCK ON - Rely On Christ's Knowledge Overcome Negativity
RUN - Are You In?
SALVATION - Saved And Living Victoriously, As Though It's Only Natural
SARS - Stand And Receive Salvation
SAVED - Salvation After Valuating Eternal Destiny
SEED - Securing Eternal Enduring Destiny/Sowing Eternal Extrication Daily
SHINE - Serving Him In Never-ending Eagerness
SHIP - Safe Harbor In Peril
SHOUT - Share Hallelujah Orally Unto Triumph/Sing Hymns Of Unfailing Truths
SIN - Self Inflicted Nonsense
SINUS - Saint Is Now Undoubtedly Secure
SMS - Savior Miraculously Saves
SOAP - Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer.
SOLDIER - Saints Opposing Lust and Demons, Into Eternal Righteousness
SOS - Save Our Souls
SPAM - Serving People Aids Me
SPEAK - Someone Prays Everyday About Kindness
SPIN - Serving People In Need
STOMP - Standing True On Messiah's Promises
STORM - Striving to Teach On Reaching More
TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More
TED - Treasure Each Day
TGIF - Thank God I'm Forgiven
THANKS - Through His Annointing, Nullifies Killing Sickness/To Honour A Nail-pierced Kind Savior
THINK - Truthful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?
TIGER - Trust In God & Everything's Right
TITHE - The Investment That He Endorses
TITLE - Trust In The Lord Everyday
TLC - Teens Learning of Christ/Teens Loving Christ
TOM - Take On More
TRUST - Totally Reliant Upon Savior's Timing
TRUTH - The Real Understanding Through Him/The Real Union To Him
TSUNAMI - Tackling Satan Ultimately Needs A Marvelous Intercessor
UNASHAMED - Under New Authority Savior Has Accepted My Eternal Deliverance
WAIT - Wisdom and Answers In Time
WARRIORS - Women and men. Awakened. Removing the spiritual veils. Remembering the blood. Intoxicated in the Spirit. Offering help to those who God appointed them to. Raiding what Satan stole from them. Souls soldiering for Christ.
WASTE - Worry. Anger. Self-Pity. Tattling. Envy
WAYWARD - Why Are You Waiting And Risking Death?
WEALTH - Winning Eternal Amnesty by Loving and Trusting Him
WHAZZUP - Waiting Humbly And Zealously for Zion Unceasingly Praying
WHIZ - We Honor In Zeal
WIPE - Work In Progress
WITNESS - Walking In Testimony Nearing Eternity, Salvation and Sanctification/Walking In The Nations Earnestly Saving Souls
WORSHIP - Wholehearted Obedience & Raising Simple Hands In Praise/Wonderful Omnipotent Redeeming Saviour Holy and Indefinitely Perfect
WTF - Worship The Father
WWJD - Walking With Jesus Daily/What Would Jesus Do
WWJD Backwards - Devil Just Won't Win
WWW - Worship Widely Willingly
WWYD - What Would You Do
YET - Yes! Emmanuel Triumphs
YIMP - You're In My Prayers
YOUTH - Yahweh Our Unyielding True Hosanna
YUCK - Youth Under Christ the King



  2. ASK – Approach the Servant King
    FINE – Feeling In Need of Encouragement
    FOCUSED – Fixed On Christ's Unlimited Supply Every Day
    FREEDOM – For a Really Exciting Escape, Depend on the Messiah
    HAND – Have A Nice Day
    HUG – Hey, U’re Great!
    JOY – Jesus, You and nOthing in between
    JUSTICE – Jesus Uses Salvation To Impart Correction Everywhere
    LOVE – Life Of Victorious Endearment
    MERCY – My Eternal Righteousness Cleanses You
    PEACE – Perfect, Easy And Comfortable Existence
    ROCK - Relying On Christ's Kingship
    TRUTH – The Reality Underlying the Hypocrisy
    WORSHIP – We Only Really Serve Him in Praise

    P.S. Your first acronym for "POWER" actually spells out "PRAYER". You might want to consider moving this!

  3. ETERNITY – Everlasting Truth, Everlasting Righteousness Now, Imparted To You

  4. TRINITY – Truth Revealed In Nazarene In Three Years/That Revealed In Nature Is: Three “Yous”

  5. FAITH Forsaking All In Taking Him

  6. Christmas-Christ must arrive soon

  7. STAND- Simply Trust And Never Doubt

  8. FEAR - Forget Everything And Run/Face Everything And Rise
    FAITH - Forwarding All Issues To Heaven
    DISCIPLE Determination Intercession Servant Commitment Integrity Perseverance Love Evangelism

  9. GTG - Glory To God/Give To God

  10. Salvation- Strength Appointed Love Anointed Thanks Giving Inspired Over Comers Never giving up.

  11. anyone know what G.I.O.T.W. might stand for?

    1. God Is Over This Website

  12. What could EQUIP stand for?

  13. LOL - Loving Our Lord

  14. EQUIP - Easy Quick Unified In Prayer

  15. "Whole" or "Hole" anyone.?? PLEASE HELP

  16. WHOLE -With Him Our Loves Eternal

  17. HOLE - His Overwhelming Love Everlasting

    1. REWARD - Really Exciting Wonders Aren't Richly Deserved
      God gives us so many wonderful things but He doesn't give us what we deserve - He gives us more than we can ever deserve!

  18. Replies
    1. sight on savior

    2. Savior of souls

    3. Slide Over Some - because I am about to get my praise on...Glory!

  19. REWARD - Recieving Eternity While At Redeemers Door

  20. SOS - Serving Only Saviour/Serving One Saviour/Saviour Over Sin

  21. SOS - Save Our Souls/Saviour Overcomes Sin

    1. POCKETS - People Of Christ's Kingdom Enjoy Their Saviour

  22. THINGS -Trustful. Helpful. Inspirational. Necessary. God. Saviour.


    1. EASTER - Exciting Awesome Stupendous Terrific Excellent Resurrection

  24. THUMPER - Trusting Him Ultimate Messiah Providing Everlasting Redemption

    1. GROAN - God Rules Over All Nature

    2. MAYFLY - Mighty Are You Father Lord Yahweh

    3. GLEE - God Loves Everyone Equally

    4. HAWK - Heaven's A Wonderful Kingdom

  25. TIGER - Trusting In God's Eternal Redemption

  26. GREAT - God Reigns Eternal And Triumphant

  27. GIG - God Is Great

  28. GOLIATH - God Of Love Is Always There Helping

  29. GIFTS - God Is Forever The Same

  30. CREAK - Christ Reigns Eternally As King

  31. FROLIC - Father Reaches Out Love In Christ

  32. CIRCLE - Christ Is Righteous Christ Loves Everone

  33. HIGHER - He Is God Holy Eternal Redeemer

  34. GBH - God Blesses Humans

  35. BIG WHEEL - Because In God We Have Eternal Everlasting Life

  36. CRUSH - Christ Rescued Us Sinners Hallelujah!

  37. HAIR GEL - Holy And Immortal Righteous God Enriches Lives

  38. GROWTH - God Reaches Out Willingly To Help

  39. WIGS - Worthy In God's Sight

  40. LOGIC - Love Of God In Christ

  41. We are all PIGS - Precious In God's Sight

  42. LOAM - Lord Of All Mercy/Lord Of All Might/Lord Of All Majesty

  43. GIFTS - God Is Forgiving To Sinners

  44. SPIRIT - Super-Natural Power Impacting Reality Insightful Truths

  45. MAGIC - Mercy And Grace In Christ

  46. PORK - Praise Our Risen King

  47. LILY - Lord I Love You

  48. Replies
    1. Don't Run Away, My Asian

    2. *Angel, Dang autocorrect!

  49. DRAMA - Deliverer Redeemer Almighty Messiah Anointed

  50. DRAMA - Divine Redemption And Mercy Abounds

  51. CALL - Christ Almighty Loving Lord

  52. WAGES - We Are God's Eager Servants

  53. ROCK - Relying On Christ's Knowledge/Relying On Christ King

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Needed one for TIA. Any anointed ideas?

  56. CIGAR - Christ Is Gracious And Reliable

  57. TIA - Triumph In Almighty

  58. POP - Prince Of Peace

  59. COURAGE - Christ Our Ultimate Redeemer Almighty God Eternal

  60. GPS - God Provides Salvation/Great Personal Saviour/Get People Saved/Gracious Powerful Saviour

    1. Need one for CHRISTIAN MORALITY. Any ideas?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. CHRISTIAN - Compassionate. Helpful. Righteous. Inspirational. Servant. Testimony. Intercessor. Ambassador. Nurturing.

    MORALITY – Mercy. Overcomer. Redeemer. Almighty. Loving. Insightful. Truths. Yahweh.

  62. please something for LUVS

  63. LUVS - Lift Up Victorious Saviour

  64. LUVS - Lifting Up Victorious Saviour

  65. something for GAEC

  66. GAEC - God Almighty Eternal Christ

  67. Need an acronym for a miracle and prayers for a friend with cancer

  68. MIRACLE - Most Incredible Redeemer Always Caring Loving Exalted

  69. MIRACLE – Magnificent Insightful Risen Almighty Caring Love Endures

  70. MIDST - Messiah Is Delivering Salvation Today

  71. WORKS - Wonderful Omnipotent Redeeming Kind Savior

  72. WOMEN - Wonderful Overwhelming Meeting Eternal Needs

  73. HOUSE - Holding Onto Ultimate Saviour Eternal

  74. FLESH – Following Learning Engaging Sinful Habits

    SPIRIT – Saviour Provides Inspiration Revealing Insightful Truths

  75. LOVE - Limitless Obedience Via Effort
    (Love is a verb & not a pizza)

  76. LIBERTY - Living Beliefs Everlasting Redeemer Transforms You

  77. LIBERTY - Living In Beliefs Everlasting Redeemer Transforms You

  78. WORD - Wisdom Overflowing Reading Document

  79. Need an acronym for restore

  80. Righteous, Everlasting, Salvation, To Overcome, Restore, Empower

  81. RESTORE - Reborn Everlasting Salvation To Overcome Revealing Eternity

  82. PGA-Praise God Anyway. I have heard my Pastor/painter use this phrase COUNTLESS times when things have gone wrong on a job and other situations gone bad.

  83. RIGHT - Rejoicing In God's Holy Truths

  84. Need annoited ideas for Queen please

  85. Any ideas for college age group? Arrow keeps coming to my mind, but without a c not sure how to identify our with college.

  86. Any ideas for college age group? Arrow keeps coming to my mind, but without a c not sure how to identify our with college.

  87. Any ideas for college age group? Arrow keeps coming to my mind, but without a c not sure how to identify our with college.

  88. COLLEGE - Christ Our Loving Lord Enriches Groups Eternally

  89. QUEEN - Quietly Unleashes Everlasting Eternal Needs

  90. Need a acronym for REJOICE

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  92. FOOL - Forgetting Overlooking Only Lord

  93. REJOICE – Restoring Everlasting Joy Oneness In Christ Eternal

  94. I need one for religion please

  95. An acronym for religion????????

  96. RELIGION - Realizing Eternal Lord Is God, Informing Others Now!

  97. Replies
    1. Any others for religion?

    2. Need help with KREW.. Want the K for kids and then...?

  98. RELIGION – Relying Everyday Loving Insightful God I Overcome Nonsense

  99. COFFEE - Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everyday

  100. Here is a 124 charactor acronym..just read the capital letters to discover what it is,thanks.
    From Inspiration Realising Spiritual Truths I Note Birth Expected Throughout History the Lord Eternal Hereafter Explained as Messiah our Worlds Answer to Sin Making Eternal Reality Real to You Coming Here Rightous In Savations Truth as Man And Saviour to all as Through His Explaination Note the One Named Christ Answered Lifes Victory as Realised by You He Insured Lasting Life his Crucifiction Assured Mans Eternity He Answered Prohecys Promised to You Erasing All Sin Through His Eternal Ressurection Also Now Describing How Eternal Saviour Here Explained Responds to Everyone Who is Inspired to Talk to Him Using his Spirit Now on Our World as Through His Explaination the Leader Of Rightous Decent as Gift Of Deliverance As Living Messiah Introduces Gods Heavenly Truths to You to Whom He Only Is Saviour Jehovahs Eternal Son Until Someday he Comes Here Returning In Savations Tryump Because You Now Are Made the explaination ,to find the description read only the Capitals.....LORD GOD says Leader Of Rightous Decent Gift Of Deliverance.....

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. SOFT - Saviour of Faithful Truths

  103. DIGNITY - Deliverance In God Now I Trust You

  104. YOU - Yeshua Oversees Understands

  105. I need and acronym for VICTORY and for AGA

  106. AGA - Awaiting God's Arrival

  107. VICTORY - Victorious In Christ's Truth Our Redeeming Yeshua

  108. SOFT - Seeking Out Faithful Truths

  109. Need help with KREW.. Want the K for kids and then...?

  110. I made up one for GIVE:

    Generously give from the heart
    Invest in God's Kingdom
    Vital to spiritual growth
    Expect eternal dividends!

  111. KREW - Kids Reaching Everyone Worldwide

  112. How about Easter or Arose or Risend?

  113. How about DIVAS, WOMAN, QUEEN, for Womens ministry?